A #ThrowbackThursday #Thanksgiving!

That’s full of hashtags and nostalgia!

First of all, a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 🙂

I’ll confess that my Thanksgiving commercial kitty is about as sparse as my Christmas commercial kitty is abundant.  And while I like to pull from my archives for Thowback/Flashback Thursdays, I am also a watcher of other amazing archives, and I’ve decided to take today to be grateful for other offerings that are out there.

I couldn’t just take the day off, could I?


Because you’re awesome and love the 1980s as much as I do, how about this awesome collection from NBC’s telecast of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, from November 26, 1987?

A huge thanks from this one-woman show to the great archivist 80sCommercialVault for uploading not only this amazing collection, but all of the collections offered within!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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