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A Day of #Thanksgiving…With Commentary!

The great experiment rolls on…to Thanksgiving!

I’ve been dipping my toes into recording commentary for various things lately – video games, “video games,” and obscure children’s cartoons.  And I decided to try my great experiment on a short film that has seen the likes of The Cinema Snob’s better commentary.  But since I am new at this, I can be cut some slack, right?

Anyway, for my Thanksgiving-themed approach, how about the 1951 pseudo-educational short A Day Of Thanksgiving…with my face in the lower corner of the screen, talking to you?

You love it, and you know it!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Writer, former dancer, geek, nostalgia geek, Secretary by day, daughter, sister/in-law, girlfriend, aunt. Yankees and Giants fan, honorary Avenger (I have a pin, so it is official :-) ), MSTie, and Stargate, Thor, and Hello Kitty collector. And if you want to know anything about me:

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