#FlashbackFriday Is Having a Housewarming Party…

And you’re invited!

Ok, the movie doesn’t invite you to Jonathan’s housewarming party, but you can certainly come by if you want!


Because this isn’t any ordinary house party…which you’ll find out when you click play!

And trust me, these guests were invited!


This was the first of four – yes, four – Ghoulies films, all made between 1984 and 1994, with the final film seeing a direct-to-video release.  This film was released in the United Kingdom in November 1984, and did so well there, it was given a March 1985 release in the United States.  This film is also notable for being the film debut of Mariska Hargitay.


It’s also the reason one should always check their toilet before sitting down.


And there you have it, another film from the horror archives of the 1980s, all the better for your Flashback Friday.

Next week, we’ll conclude our Flashback Fridays in October with yet another horror film from the 1980s.

Have a great weekend…and don’t forget to check your toilet!

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