Betcha #ThrowbackThursday A Chip!

Let me ask you an important question:

Who tried to bite a Chips Ahoy cookie without biting a chip?

It’s a good question!

Continuing on with our spooky trend of Halloween-esque (but not Halloween) commercials, we stay in 1987 for this Throwback Thursday, while watching an installment of Chips Ahoy! Mystery Theater.


The crime: biting a Chips Ahoy cookie without biting a chip.


Allow our slueth to reconstruct the scene…when you hit play!

This sweet, innocent-looking girl is the whodunit?


Considering the evidence, I’m not surprised she would do it.  I mean, I would do it too!


Delicious!  And isn’t that haunting Nabisco jingle AWESOME?!

I confess, I enjoyed writing this article…and I’ll do it again.

Tomorrow folks, I’ll do it again tomorrow on Flashback Friday!

Betcha figured that out already!


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