#FlashbackFriday Fears Mr. Drexell!

Ah, failed Fox sitcoms.  For every Simpsons and Married…With Children, there’s a Drexell’s Class and Herman’s Head.

An ex-boyfriend let me borrow some of his tapes, one of which was a taping of the Primetime Emmy Awards in the late summer (August) of 1991.  Rare is the day that the Emmys has done it this way, though I do recall the Emmys airing in August back in 2006 (that’s because Conan O’Brien hosted and I had to watch it).

The tape had some promos on it – Married…With Children  (the pregnancy plot), The Simpsons (the fat white guy in the institution claiming to be Michael Jackson episode), and Herman’s Head (set to premiere in September 1991).


And it had this promo for a short-lived sitcom called Drexell’s Class. You probably remember this one by name – it’s a sitcom about Otis Drexell, a divorced father and former corporate raider who lost money on a failed venture, dodged taxes, got arrested, and was sentenced to teach – gasp – fifth grade!

It didn’t last.

Click play to see that promo!

This is one of those shows I remember knowing about, but don’t think I ever saw.  And since it only lasted eighteen episodes, it probably has never made it into syndication.


And while that sounds unlucky for those of us who didn’t see it the first time, there are some episodes on You Tube.  So, lucky for us?

Yeah, so…back to school week is drawing to a close, and with that, so is this Flashback Friday.

Have a great Friday, a great weekend, and don’t you dare be late for class!

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