Face It, Ya Gotta #ThrowbackThursday…

That and go back to school.

Some things, I fear, are inevitable when you’re a child.

I’m almost thirty-five years old.  High school ended sixteen years ago (and wow, that means I started it 20 years ago!), and college almost twelve years ago.  So I don’t have to worry about going back to school.  I merely have to fight the crowds in the mall because of it.

I was searching through my archives earlier this week, seeking out the perfect back to school commercials, which is this week’s theme.  And I found two.  From 1991.  I may have more, but to find two in the same block of commercials is an impressive feat.

Anyway, we all have this dilemma about going back to school in style…


or becoming some creative genius so we don’t have to.


But let’s face it, school is inevitable.  And we all have to go back.  Foot Locker wants to make it easier for us AND for the parents who have to buy us our stuff!

Go on and click play to find out all about this sale!

Hurry up, it all ends on September 8th.

School, I’m afraid, won’t be over until June.

Chin up, it’s only a month until Columbus Day.  See, a holiday!  Bright side!!!!

Oh well.  Come back tomorrow for Flashback Friday, and more kids going back to school!

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