What’s the Secret to Your #FlashbackFriday?

There is no secret when it is Friday, silly.

Asking what the secret is…

Hey! (Hides the “secret”)

So wow, it’s Friday!

This week, we’re trying to find out the secret behind certain foodstuffs.  Yesterday, we wanted to know the secret behind the DeLuca Secret Sauce, which turned out to be a well-known company’s recipe (cheater!!!).

And today, we’re trying to find out the secret behind the great coleslaw, potato salad, and tuna salad.


This guy would be happy to divulge that secret!

Which you can find out by clicking play!

Thank goodness for wives who can keep the secrets!

We actually had this discussion during our lunchbreak at work several years ago.  Several co-workers and myself discussed the differences between Hellmann’s and store brand.  I’ve only ever eaten Hellmann’s, so I’m aware of what I like.  Supposedly, there is a difference between Hellmann’s and store brand (according to a former co-worker).  She said she couldn’t pinpoint that difference, whether it was texture or taste, but there was a difference.

My boss informed us she liked Miracle Whip better.

It was quite the debate, folks.

But, of course, when you want you recipe to stand out, without divulging your secret…


This commercial is from 1995, but I’m not sure how long the One Step mayonnaise types were on the market.  I’m also wondering if they were really more effective than just using traditional mayonnaise in recipes.  I can’t imagine these were a thing for a long time.

I’d blame someone for giving out the secret.



And there you have it, your Flashback Friday.

The secret is still safe with me.

Yes, yes it is. 🙂

Have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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