Today’s Daily Post one-word prompt: Meddle.

To meddle is to get between, intervene, or butt in.  A meddler busies themselves in a situation that is not their concern.  An unwanted individual will meddle in financial affairs, personal matters, and anything that absolutely does not pertain to them, nor requires them to know a situation.

In regard to physical properties, to meddle is to handle or touch something without permission.  Have you seen the type?  They usually will say “ooooh, what does THIS do?!” and then press buttons, or handle your personal items.  It is one thing to ask if one could look at something; it is a whole other thing when you just busy yourself with something you have no right touching.

The word has origins in Middle English as “mix” and “mingle,” but somewhere along the line, the connotation has taken on a negative tone, and to meddle is no longer to mix and mingle (in the jinglin’ beat! – couldn’t resist), but to be an annoying nuisance of a person with grabby hands or a busybody-type personality.

Of course, there were good meddlers around, but they were animated, had a talking Great Dane, and drove around in a questionable van.



If you’re not Mystery Inc., stop meddling!



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