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Disclaimer: This is just one of many magic moments on Allison’s Written Words.

Have you ever looked back over your old videos and find something local, only to say, “wow, why didn’t I ever go there?” or “why haven’t I ever heard of that place?”

Because, friends, some places are that Six Flags park you went to alot…or they’re Action Park and your parents forbade you from going there.

Because they loved you.

One place that was perfectly safe, but lasted a really short time (apparently too short for me to ever have heard of it) was Kid’s World in Long Branch, NJ.  I’m of course going through my boyfriend’s cartoon VHS, which was taped from the New York Fox station in the summer of 1987, and among the toy and cereal commercials geared at kids, there are a few scattered movie previews and local advertisements.  This week’s Throwback Thursday is not only a local advertisement, it is summer-themed and kid friendly.

Until I had borrowed the tapes and had an opportunity to look at what I transferred from them, I had never seen an advertisement for Kid’s World, nor I had I ever heard of it.  I should also note that my personal VHS tape collection is from 1986 and 1988, so chances are I wouldn’t have heard of this place, since they only operated from 1985 until 1987…and my tapes are all winter holiday tapes.

After doing some of my careful and awesome research, I found out that Kid’s World was only a thing from 1985 until 1987.  Situated on the boardwalk at Ocean Avenue in Long Branch, New Jersey, Kid’s World was an amusement park on the Long Branch Pier.

The rides that were there were pre-existing (some where replaced) and the whole concept was done a la Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.


And filling in for Big Bird, Mr. Do-Be.  Filling in for Sesame Street, another beloved institution of childrens’ television…Romper Room!!!!!!

Despite making this into a kid-friendly place, the park still drew adults, mostly due to the Haunted Mansion, which was not featured in this commercial.  The aim of this ad was obviously a “School’s Out”-theme, where you could bring your report card.


If this was the discount (in 1987), how much did it cost to get in?!

The advertisement also really pushed the water park, which was opening at the time of the ad’s airing.

But you can see all of the excitement in this advertisement, by hitting play below!

On June 8, 1987, the summer that this aired, a fire broke out in the McDonald’s at the end of the pier, with only the waterpark being spared.  However, with attendance declining, the park was closed for good at the end of the summer, and the whole thing was abandoned until the pier was demolished in 2001, with the remainder of the park being demolished in 2002.

Here’s some news coverage from the fire:

A sad end indeed, but that water park looked fun while it lasted!

Come for the water attractions, stay for Mr. Do-Be!


That Bee steals souls AND causes anaphylaxis, just sayin’.

Come back tomorrow for more fun in the archives on Flashback Friday.  It’s a Do-Be!

I only knew that from Saved By the Bell, I never watched Romper Room!!!!!!

Where are you going?!


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