And Now, Let’s Find #FlashbackFriday!

We’ll find the Silverhawks later.

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday

Double negatives and children as corporate mouthpieces of evil-doers!

The world is a sick and twisted place, my friends.

So…we made it to Friday!

I could elaborate on that, but I can’t.  Because there is no elaboration necessary.  Friday is Friday, you’re happy, I’m happy, and the commercials are coming out to play.  Literally.  There are about 80% toy commercials in this set.  Which is obviously the reason children’s advertising had to be cracked down on – this stuff w

Yesterday, we looked at some commercials from 1985 that aired during a nightly news program, so lets backtrack a few hours to when kids are awake and watching television.  The following commercials are actually four different blocks from four airings of the 1986 cartoon Silverhawks.  My boyfriend’s mom made this incredible six-hour long tape for my boyfriend, who was three years old at the time.  When I was going through the tape at his house recently, he was watching the commercials with me, and says he remembered many of them.  We got a pretty good laugh – childhood in the 1980s was indeed sweet and awesome.

Included in this collection:

Holographic toys!


(James said he had one of these!)

If My Little Pony were bird-like creatures…


I’m so guilty of having one of these!

Goya juice made into frozen pops…



Glitter and gold, fashion and game…TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!


This, um…what is this?


No really.  I have no clue.  The tape starts late and cuts off before the name is even said.  What is this?



Laser tag, now with huge hair and football makeup!


Was there really ever another way to play this?

Madballs…as action figures!





Realistic guns…made by Entertech!

“The look! The feel! The sound, so real!”


Did these cause controversy?


Oh, and I threw in a little extra surprise, being Friday and all!


It involves this kid.  Or Kidd.

So go on and click play, the commercials are waiting!

I bet you loved all of this!

And there you have it, lots and lots of commercials!  Lots and lots of toys we played with, cereals we ate at one time or another, and a special bonus because you love all of this so much!

Fridays are meant to be this great! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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