Nobody Doesn’t Like #ThrowbackThursday!

Another thing nobody doesn’t like…double negatives!

Take that, Sara Lee!

As I’ve been talking about in recent weeks, I acquired a nice grouping of commercials from 1987 that are also kid-friendly commercials.  My boyfriend also gave me another tape with some home movies to transfer, but what he didn’t know was that there were some other things on the tape…commercials and newscasts from – get ready for this! – 1985!

That’s right, I’ve acquired two years of advertisements that I didn’t have  in my collection.

While I was going through the commercials (I ID’d them as being from the week of March 18, 1985 because of a Moonlighting episode, and ABC’s Nightline covering Apartheid in South Africa), I couldn’t really choose anything specific from the blocks, and I have four of them, so I figured, why not just show you a block of commercials?  Because you like that, right?

The following commercials are from the March 18, 1985 broadcast of Nightline, and were taped on the Los Angeles ABC station, KABC 7 (my boyfriend is from southern California).

Included in this fine block of commercials:

That look I get whenever someone interrupts my lunchbreak, while being surrounded by computers.


Aforementioned double negatives!

It should be “Everybody likes Sara Lee,” because that’s what this implies.  But I guess someone a long time ago decided Sara Lee didn’t have the greatest grammar skills and allowed her to use a double negative.  It stuck, because Sara Lee was probably a kid and it was cute.  I hope someone corrected her eventually!

‘Cause Allison doesn’t like bad grammar!


*Sees typewriter*

Bwahahahahahahaha!  Dated technology.


These little corporate shills, I mean, cute little kids, here to tell the competition to kiss their ass!


But so cute!

Richard Gere!


Defunct airlines!


“We earn our wings every day.”

“And then 1991 happened.”

(Look it up)

This helicopter, which is not at all emblazoned with some slang we laughed at when we were eight years old.


Never before (or not since the Burger King commercial), have I heard a corporation sock it to the competition the way Wang does.  Take that, IBM.

(Seven years later, in 1992)

Take that, Wang!

(Again, look it up!)

And Ted Koppel!

Wow, he hasn’t changed in, well, ever!


So go on, click play!  Nobody doesn’t like fun commercials that have no association with each other!

I promise, the overuse of material stops when you click play!

I swear, these commercials leave the current offerings of product placement and service representation in the dust.  Do you see children as corporate shill?  Do you see double negatives?  Do you see helicopters and hear “eat our dust, competition” statements?

No, you don’t!

But you’ll see more advertising greatness tomorrow, when Flashback Friday leaves Throwback Thursday in the dust.

Not really, but competition is sweet!

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