When Screenshots Terrify You…

You use them for comedic gain!

I’ve been tasked with working on a tape transfer.  My boyfriend handed me two VHS tapes and asked me to transfer the contents to my computer.  I have the means to do so – a VCR and a Hauppauge HD PVR – so naturally, I was all game.

On Friday morning, I was working on blocking the commercials into sets, removing the actual TV shows from between the commercials.  The goal is to have the commercials in sets so I can better ID and catalog them.

And while I was doing that, I paused the video editor, knowing that a fade to black was coming up, and well…


Oh my…what the…?

Yeah, I paused it.  No, this was totally unintentional. I paused the video so I could use the slow motion fast forward to hit the exact moment it faded to black and the bumper came on.  But wow, this happened.  I couldn’t unsee it!

And this was actually intended, because I spotted this and couldn’t help myself….

The jokes just write themselves, as long as you get the reference.

On that startling note, enjoy your Sunday!

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