This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

2015 and 2016 had me travelling to a few places for the day (Philadelphia and New York City in 2015, Philadelphia in 2016), as well as to a place I’ve been before (Chicago in 2015 and 2016, which I’d been to previously between 2012 and 2014).

In 2016, however, took me to two different places, southwestern Michigan (Grand Rapids), and southern California – Hemet (in Riverside County), Universal Studios Hollywood, and Disneyland in Anaheim.

I’d never been, lived, or stayed in the mountains, so the idea of literally living in them for a week was a new experience.  It was a place my boyfriend had called home until he was 18 years old, and I got to see life from way up.

Some samplings from his mother’s home in Hemet, California:





And from Universal Studios, Hollywood:


And on a more grounded level:




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