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It’s Your #FlashbackFriday


And your world, prerogative, thing (do what you wanna do).  But also, your Friday.

Previously, on Throwback Thursday…nostalgia on TV BEFORE it was cool!

This commercial actually aired on my local NBC station during a Saturday Night Live episode in 1998, so I figured on this week’s theme being commercials for a television network being advertised on ANOTHER television network.  And today’s installation of Flashback Friday is no exception to this theme.  So let’s go back to 1992, during a Family Channel airing of Roots: The Next Generations.

The channel advertised within the channel’s advertising?  The Discovery Channel!  And when you hit play…NATURE CALLS!

No, not THAT nature calling…just click play.

Go on, ignore the sign and click play!

Of course, this was The Discovery Channel before all those spinoff networks, including that one with the medical shows that will convince you that you are dying from some exotic disease.  Like a sexual accident.

I mean, have you seen that show about sex sending people to the emergency room?!

And on that oh-so-wonderful note, this is where the Flashback ends.  And as I bid you a fond farewell for the week to ease you into the weekend…how about a network sign-off from the past?

It’s from 1994 and it isn’t mine (you can thank Rewindium for that), but it is the perfect way to end the reading.

Have a great rest of your day, and a great weekend! 🙂