Take Me To #ThrowbackThursday!

Because it is REALLY close to Friday!

If you scroll through the channels enough on Comcast, you’re not hard-pressed to find nostalgic television.  Quite a few channels are geared right at nostalgia lovers – I’ve spotted (aside from my favorite, Antenna TV) Decades, Buzzer (old game shows), and Pop. When I had DirecTV, I had Boomerang.

Back in the late 1990s, we had two niche options – TV Land and Nick at Nite.  And a few years earlier, the original launch of FX (when it was “fX”) was a treasure trove of older shows.

But what about TV Land, you say?


Launched in April 1996, TV Land was your solution to the hours when Nick at Nite was not on.  Originally launched with the classic series of its predecessor, the network now airs a combination of newer and classic shows (from the 1960s to the 2000s), but also boasts original scripted series, and limited theatrically-released movies.  78% of the country receives the channel, but in 1998, if you didn’t get it, you had to call your cable or satellite provider to receive it.

And if you didn’t have in 1998, this catchy commercial could certainly persuade you that you needed the nostalgic charm of a 24-hour nostalgic channel!

It is an ad that features a catchy jingle, girls (who are girls), guys (who are guys), Redd Foxx, and cowboys….

And when you click play, you can revel in the nostalgic goodness and catchy jingle of it all!

Wow, so much win in one network, you simply must have it (if you already didn’t!)!!!


What are you waiting for?!

Please come back tomorrow for more fun in the archives, as we end the week on a high note!

Is being taken to TV Land as good as Calgon taking you away?  It is entirely possible!


  1. Fantastic post! Thank you for taking me back to my childhood. I first got cable TV at my house in 1998 … and TV Land was actually one of the first channels that I ever watched whenever we got cable at our house. Before that, I would watch cable TV at a relative’s home.

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    1. I actually got TV Land on my dial in 1996, when it was introduced. I totally remember this commercial, and the funny thing is, it actually came from a VHS I have Saturday Night Live episodes on…taped from NBC. So it was an off-network commercial!

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