And the #ThrowbackThursday Goes To…

Me.  Of course.

Why would it go to anyone else?

It’s Thursday, and there is a little award show on this weekend, you probably have heard it, and you may have watched it at some point in your life.  You may make it a yearly tradition and watch it every year.  As for me, I’m not interested, and I’ll fill the time with other things…like other TV shows.

Some years ago, I was dating a guy who gifted (ok, let me borrow) videocassettes from his collection.  His aim was so I could pull all of the commercials off of them and make “Mix DVDs” (yes, they were a thing in my world!).  One of the tapes I borrowed was the telecast of the 64th Academy Awards, which aired on March 30, 1992 and filmed live from the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles.  Billy Crystal hosted (it was his third time), Silence of the Lambs won best picture, and Jerry Orbach gives a live performance like nobody’s business, dancing and singing as Lemiuere from Beauty and the Beast.  For some reason, I kept laughing because all I could think about was “Lenny Briscoe is so freakin’ badass on stage!”

And before you tell me he had a whole other career before Law and Order, I knew who he was from Beauty and the Beast before he was on Law and Order.  

And while I’m of the firm belief that award telecasts should be like the Super Bowl and have all kinds of awesome one-off commercials, award shows are just normal nights for advertising.  That said, as an archivist, I like to see what advertisers dish out on these huge nights of celebration. And that is where today’s selection of commercials comes in.

I proudly present to you, the lucky viewers, all the commercials from the March 30, 1992 telecast of the 64th Academy Awards, taped from WPVI (Philadelphia’s owned-and-operated ABC station) Channel 6.  I never did find out the reason for the ex-boyfriend’s mom taping this, but I’m glad she did.

In this 33-minute block of commercials, you’ll see a few ads from previous Throwback/Flashbacks, but also plenty of new stuff!

You’ll see…

Sexy vampires!




The local newscaster…that is still doing the local news, but in the afternoon!


Elton John!


With special guest…NutraSweet!

James Earl Jones…stranded!


Cancelled sitcoms you’ve likely never heard of!


James Bond…drinking Diet Coke!


So go on, click play, and enjoy the commercials!

And there you have it – some old, some new, but a whole lotta fun!

Flashback Friday will be along tomorrow with more goodness from the archives!

Have a great Thursday!


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