#FlashbackFriday Always Gets the Perfect Shot!

With a camera, folks.

What kind of “shot” did you think I was talking about?

Previously, on Throwback Thursday…


Cybil Shepherd advertises products everyone uses!

There was this glorious time when the art of photography was truly an art – you took a picture to capture the right moment, only to hope that the photo you took was a good one.  The lighting had to be perfect, the subject(s) had to be prepared (eyes open, smiles, good general appearance), the lens had to be focused properly, and don’t forget that you can’t check these photos before you take the film to the photomat.  Any little mistakes can be costly once the photos are developed.

I remember the last family trip we took to Disney World in 1999 – my dad got my mom a new camera (a film camera!) for Christmas in 1998 for the upcoming trip (which was in April).  My mom took two rolls of film’s worth of photos…only to find out upon developing that we didn’t have any photos.  None of them developed.  The camera, you say? Faulty!

Now, if we had a digital camera back then, we would have been able to detect a problem with the camera.

With a film camera (other than a Polaroid camera), you took your chances when taking pictures, as today’s Flashback Friday subject should be aware of, but doesn’t care what everyone tells him about how he is taking pictures.


Because that photographer…


Is Seth Green!!

And in this 1997 ad, he is trusting the power of Kodak Gold Max film, so all of his pictures will come out perfect!


How perfect, you ask?

Click play to find out!

And there you have it, this week’s blast from the past, and it involves ever-evolving technology!  And celebrities who use those everyday products!

Have a great weekend, and may all of your photos come out as great as Photographer Seth Green’s photos!

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