#ThrowbackThursday Models Makeup and Hair Color Too!

Well, not really, but it likes makeup and hair dye.  Especially when it looks natural!

One thing I love digging up are commercials featuring celebrities plugging products, especially early in their fame.  A few weeks ago, I dug up two commercials in my archives of a young Jeremy Renner being denied Bud Light by his friend…some other guy.  The next day, I shared my beloved Derek Jeter (and his alter ego…Derek Jeter) selling delicious peanut butter with chocolate chips and Nestle Crunch pieces embedded within.  I don’t have many ads like that, or least none that I have really found yet (I’m still going through these archives), but discovering them is a real treat in itself.

Much like that peanut butter.

This week, I’ve found a few more ads featuring celebrities promoting products real people use.  You’ll probably question if they actually use these products, but we certainly use them, and hey, if (insert name here) uses (insert product here), then it is good enough for me!

Today’s commercials come from two different sources – 1001 Classic Commercials (this author’s favorite place to go when stumped on what to do next!) and a tape from 1995.  The commercials are for different products, but they have one thing in common – Cybil Shepherd, both early and well-established in her fame.

The first commercial (from the 1960s, I’m assuming) features Shepherd modeling makeup that is so natural, you’d never even know she’s wearing makeup!

And the second commecial is from 1995, with Shepherd modelling for L’Oreal Performing Preference hair color.

So go on, look natural and click play!

And yes, I spelled Cybil Shepherd’s name wrong in the video.  I made the correction everywhere else.  Could you possibly ever forgive me?

Of course you will, because tomorrow is Friday, and that means Throwback Thursday’s younger sibling…Flashback Friday will be along to close out the week,

But for now, have a great Thursday!


      1. I have not seen her in a while on anything. I am just hoping she didn’t get any work done, and she just grew old gracefully. Have you seen Meg Ryan, ugh…she had work done…

        Liked by 1 person

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