On This #FlashbackFriday, Double Your Deliciousness!

For peanut butter!

What did you think I was talking about?

There’s an old theory to advertising: Sex Sells.

There’s a second old theory: If a celebrity promotes it, people will buy it.

I swear, this is not a “sex sells” kind of post, unless you have unnatural thoughts about peanut butter.

Or hot baseball players.

We’re one witty moment away from NSFW, so I best just jump right in.

On yesterday’s Throwback Thursday, a young Jeremy Renner was deprived of Bud Light by some guy who was probably about as famous as he was in 1998.


It’s ok, Jeremy, you may be the underutilized Avenger, but you get love on this blog.

And in today’s commercial from the archives (from 2000), a more famous man, New York Yankees Shortstop Derek Jeter (at the height of his professional career) is living in the life struggle of all life struggles…the peanut butter/chocolate or chocolate/peanut butter conundrum.


Did I mention he’s debating said conundrum with himself?


It’s a delicious conundrum…


Which can make even celery taste halfway edible (Among those expressing a preference).

So what is the peanut butter/chocolate or chocolate/peanut butter conundrum?


Why, click play and find out for thou self!

Such delicious dilemmas!

I personally fell for this “celebrity selling” tactic – I LOVED this peanut butter! There were two kinds – one with chocolate chips, the other with Crunch Bar pieces. Years ago, I was on a diet, and my mom went to the food store one day. She was getting me peanut butter for the protein, and decided on this one because it was only one gram of fat more than regular peanut butter, so why not enjoy it?


Such a delicious diet option!

Sadly, this was a short-lived venture into the dilemma-riddled world of deliciousness. It was introduced in 2000, but I don’t think it was on the market past 2002 or 2003. A shame, really. And as for Derek Jeter, don’t worry about him. He had a storied career that really was only at the beginning in 2000. He retired in 2014, but not before making his indelible mark on baseball and the New York Yankees.

There was also a print ad in the coupons I remember seeing back in 2000, but I can’t locate it in a Google search. And I’ve moved twice since then, so I can tell you with confidence that I do not have the print ad in my collection of Derek Jeter stuff.

But we’ll always have the commercial…and the smile. 🙂


Double my pleasure, double my fun…

So help me, if I spot NSFW anywhere near this…

I hope you enjoyed this virtual peanut butter/chocolate experience, and will come back next week for more Throwback/Flashback fun in the archives.

Have a great weekend!


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