#FlashbackFriday Compels Me to “Go Farther”

But how far is too far?

Previously on Throwback Thursday

Two women, a full parking lot, and the battle for the perfect parking spot.  And the 1999 Kia Sportage that rules the day.

Up next: Allison dramatically interprets beer commercials!  STICK AROUND!

Ok, not really.  But you were tempted to stay, weren’t you?  You know, like flashy screenshots and videos couldn’t compel you otherwise?

In the grand tradition of cars that will go the extra mile for drivers willing to go said extra mile, today’s commercial (from 1998) is the grand story of an ordinary man…

A whisper to “go farther…”

And the mission he goes on, while driving his 1998 Isuzu Rodeo!


How far will he go?  Click play to find out!

And with prices like this, you’ll “go farther” too!


But not this far.  This far is just too much.  And scary.



No Isuzu, that’s what got this guy into trouble in the first place!

We’ll retrieve this guy from the Waterfall of Doom, call it a week, and see you next Thursday.  Preferably with something less dangerous.

I make no promises.

Have a great weekend!


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