On This #ElectionDay…

I’m hardly an expert or the person you should listen to on this Election Day, but allow me to be a cool head in an otherwise hot-headed campaign season.

Do not bully, threaten, or intimidate others: Don’t tell people who to vote for.  You’re not going to sway someone by being mean to them.  When we go to the polls, we have our minds made up as to whom we are going to vote for, and the person behind me who tries to tell me otherwise isn’t going to get my attention.  Don’t tell your friends “I can’t be friends with you based on who you voted for.”  Don’t threaten to unfollow people on Facebook because of their views not jiving with yours.  Say those two sentences out loud in front of a mirror.  Do you realize how stupid you sound?  Good!  So don’t say it to other people.

Make an Informed Decision: You are voting based on what you would like to see change or improve, not because you hate one candidate over another.

Be the Change You Want To See: It starts with voting.  If you are registered, make your voice heard.  If you’re not registered, don’t complain when the candidate you didn’t support is elected.  If you truly believed in seeing change and making your voice heard, and you’re eligible to register to vote, then you should have done just that.

Be Prepared: The lines are going to be long.  Yes, you will have to wait in line.  No, it may not be pleasant having to do so, but remind yourself as to why you’re doing this today – you’re thinking of your future and the future of those you love.  The inconvenience of having to wait in line is a small price to pay.  Don’t let this get to your head. Which reminds me…

Vote With Equal Parts Logic and Emotion: It is great to feel passionate about your views and beliefs, but remember to vote based on what you know about the candidates’ policies.  Put the name-calling and shouting aside, and vote with a clear head.  Refer back to “informed decision.”

At the end of the day, the elected individual, whoever they are, will be the one to carry out policies based on the needs of the nation and its people.  They won’t just target certain people for this improvement; they’re thinking of you too.  Whoever is elected today, let cooler heads prevail, there is nothing personal against you and your decision, and this now over.

Let’s get through today, preferably in one piece, and with same amount of friends we had going into today.

Have a great day, stay warm, and let your voice be heard!

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