#FlashbackFriday Is Mr. Right

Well, Flashback Friday hopes to be Mr. Right, as long as you fire that deodorant that isn’t doing the job, of, well, not being Mr. Right!

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday

Damp Yankees, bands with stinky armpits, and “grandmas” who use certain deodorant for “what ails them” were the basis of yesterday’s commercial theme.

The common denominator, you ask?

Ban Deodorant.

No, not “ban” as in “get rid of,” but Ban as in the brand.

Today’s common denominator is a brand that competes directly with Ban.  The first commercial (from the 1970s) discusses firing your deodorant for its epic failure to keep you dry, while the other commercial (actually, there is a short version and a longer version) is from 1986 and shows the vocalizations of Not Pat Benatar (seriously, there’s no way this is her) wanting Mr. Right, as she throws a can of Right Guard at men in rubber masks with freaky faces.

You’ll see what I mean…when you click play and witness the magic of retro advertising discuss something we can’t smell.

Oh, and apparently there is a 1985 version of the “Mr. Right” ad (as uploaded by Jamie Gee)

I actually like the smell of Right Guard.  And Old Spice.  And Preferred Stock.

Yes, Preferred Stock.

And yes, I confirmed it.  This is not Pat Benatar.

Screenshot (156)

But don’t tell these “Mr. Right” types this.

And there you have it, your Friday collection of commercials with the common denominator.  I hope you found these commercials fresh and clean…and a warning of what may happen if you don’t use the product endorsed within.

Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday returns next week!

Mr. Right and Not Pat Benatar will not be back.  They’re off enjoying the scent of Right Guard together.  After Mr. Right fired his old deodorant, of course!

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