#ThrowbackThursday Won’t Wear Off As The Day Wears On!

And on any given day (not just Throwback Thursday), that is sooo important!

If the title gives nothing away, this week’s theme is deodorant.

Why, you ask?

I couldn’t think of a better theme of the week than deodorant on a hot and humid day like today.  Being the first week of summer, we should expect this, but what we shouldn’t expect to smell is the failure of deodorant.  Even worse, we should never want to smell and be sweaty, do we?

In other words, would you really want to be a Damp Yankee?

No!  Why would we want that?

Screenshot (151)

Today’s commercials from the archives (yes, this is a collection) comes from 1001 Classic Commercials, and all feature the deodorant known as Ban.  We have a trio of pitchfolk who are all too happy to discuss their use of Ban (and one that brags about not using it).

So what is a Damp Yankee?  All answers will come to you!

Don’t let the bizarre screenshots fool you into thinking this is the most bizarre collection of commercials…watch the video and find this out instead!

And there you have it, dryness at its strangest!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about it.

Tune in tomorrow, when another round of commercials throw their freshness and dryness at you!

Screenshot (152)

Damp Yankees, you’ve been warned.


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