I apologize if this ruffles any feathers or causes any discontent.  I don’t discuss politics, and keep this and other instruments of debate, hate, and argument off this blog to keep it a friendly place.  Unfortunately, while I’ve seen the best of people praying and grieving for the senseless tragedies in Orlando, I’ve seen far too much politically-motivated crap to sit by quietly.

I usually can sit quietly (it’s called keeping an open mind, and scrolling past what I don’t agree with, rather than arguing and yes, ruffling feathers), but I’ve had it and this is the result of what happens when I’ve had it.

If it sounds incoherent at all, well, this is what happens when I get annoyed with the ignorance of society.

Turn back now if you don’t want to read this, or don’t agree.  I won’t judge.

I could write a Facebook status like everyone else.

I could share the countless things popping up on Facebook like everyone else.

I could rant and rave about how politics played a role in events like everyone else.

I’m not everyone else.

I’m playing it rational, collecting my thoughts quietly, and writing them here.

And I’m more angry about what I see online than what I’ve seen on TV.

I’m upset by what I’ve seen on TV, but I’m angry about what I’ve seen online.

The tragedy of the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida has left us all shaken.  When it was first reported, 20 people were dead.  When it was updated, 50 people were dead.  It seems like within a very short amount of time, the casualty rate jumped exponentially.

20 people was 20 too much.  50 people?  That’s 50 too much.

It’s a senseless and horrific tragedy.  It takes news like this to make all of us think about how it could be any of us, and it could happen regardless of who we are, what we believe in, and what our background, life experience, and social standing are.  Rich, poor, black, white, straight, homosexual…it doesn’t matter who or what, it’s horrible and senseless.

So on a day like this, you’d think the political posts would stop, right?

Nope.  Being loud about politics never takes a break.

It takes tragedy to start pointing fingers.

Everyone starts with politicians.

I’ve seen more hate for the right today than anything, and it is angering me.  Everyone is quick to blame the right and their love of guns.

In fact, everyone is quick to blame the right for EVERYTHING that is wrong with this country.


It’s the right’s fault that guns are put into hands that don’t have a right to carry guns.

As a person, a human being, I hate guns.  I hate the idea of them.  I hate the idea that someone can legally purchase one and then inflict pain and suffering on others because they disagree with political ideology, social standing, sexual orientation, or “someone didn’t deserve to live so I shot them.”  No good can come of someone who should not own a gun actually owning a gun.

And yet, it happens.

What I DO believe is that the ones who should possess weapons are the ones that need to have them – law enforcement and the military.

As a Republican (and I’m only saying this once), I’m disgusted about how people are quick to point fingers at the political Right for the second amendment.

Put your political views aside for a day, folks.  Put your “feel the Bern,” “Hillary for President,” and “Donald Trump is an a**hole” aside for one day.  Put your hatred for other based on political views (seriously, why is that a thing) for one day.

Just one day.

Put your religion as killing method aside for a day, folks.

Put your disagreements, hatred for others, and anything else disgruntling you for one day.

Because that will still be there tomorrow (unfortunately).  It will still be there next week.  I’ll still see your political Facebook posts.  I’ll scroll past them because I’m keeping my opinions to myself and off of public forums, the way I’m choosing.  I’m respecting your First Amendment right to say what you want everyday.

Respect my views the one and only time I will ever say it.

And if you still hate me for being a registered Republican who keeps their mouth shut today, tomorrow, and always, fine.  This is my one day where I blow up the interwebs.

Guess what?  My political views are not important today.  They will be important another day: when I go to vote.

Grieve the loss of life in Orlando. Pray in the religion you practice.  Speak of your sadness for the people who died.  Don’t think of their beliefs, values, and lifestyle when you think of how they died.  Think of HOW they died.  Think of the fact that a person died.  Think of how fifty people died.  Think of how someone lost someone they loved.  Think of how someone has a loved one impacted by the senseless loss of life, and the injuries caused by the senseless shootings.

For one day, one freakin’ twenty four-hour day, be a human who thinks about other humans.  Don’t be a jerk who blames everyone, everything, and existence itself for what happened in Orlando.  These were the actions of a person who obviously had alot of hate and discontent, and figured a whole lot of people needed to suffer for how he felt.

Go back to your political rantings tomorrow.  Today, just grieve.

I’ve only asked this one other time of people, and it was when Nancy Reagan passed away.

It sometimes takes death to steer people away from the arguing that populates social media and the internet.  And it also takes death to bring out the hate-mongering and overdrive I’ve seen today.

Shut up and grieve today.  Argue tomorrow.

It’s just that simple.


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