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Senseless Tragedy, Marred by Senselessly Bad Transcribing

I feel bad even mentioning this, but after I spotted it, I can’t let it go.  As a writer who spends alot of time perfecting my words and checking everything, I’m very consistent with my work.  Very few mistakes slip by me in my work, and yes I do miss things.

But this?  Someone got paid to write this.

The website for one of my local television stations had this as a direct quote from someone.  Now, while I feel terrible about the circumstances (the death of the quoter’s son), I can’t fathom that these were his spoken words, or that someone was truly that terrible at deciphering and transcribing them:

“I don’t want to see anything to the person I want help define all the people who do this I want enough coverage I want people to know I don’t want this to be swept under the rug or die in a cold case.”

My head hurts and my eyes are bleeding.  I’m writing this at 1 am, so it’s not worth the torture, but wow…can’t even for two reasons – senseless crime to life, and senseless crime to good grammar!

Writers, take notes.  Take lots of notes.  Someone got paid to write this!


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