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How About Not Apologizing? (A #DiscoverWP Challenge)

A Discovery Challenge: Apology

Apologies are powerful, transformative experiences. This week, use an apology as your creative springboard.

I agree with the above statement wholeheartedly.  Apologies are powerful when correctly done.  They can repair relationships and ease the insecurities of concerned parties.  Used incorrectly, they can tear people further apart and strain relationships that already may have been damaged.

So rather than use an apology, why not discuss not apologizing?

There are some things you should never have to apologize for: being who you are, staying true to yourself, staying true to your beliefs, and living your life on your terms (as long as it’s not a lifestyle that can result in harm against others) never deserve an apology.  You should always be an individual with your own ideas and beliefs, free from criticism and never having to answer to others.

But, always apologize for the wrong you have caused others.  You should never be above apology and being held accountable for your actions when they cause harm or are negative toward others.


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