#FlashbackFriday For Sun and Love and Joy!

And it’s fun for a girl and a boy!

You guessed what Flashback Friday is about already, haven’t you?

In continuing on this week’s theme of earworms for jingles, we’re going to move a few years away from yesterday’s commercial from the archives, into the year 1998, and one of my personal favorites from that particular time.

It involves the Isuzu Amigo and all the things it can do…if it were like a Slinky.

So sing along…

Screenshot (41)

What goes downstairs, alone or in pairs, and even goes offroad?  A thing, a thing, a marvelous, thing, and everyone knows it’s Amigo!

Amigo!  Amigo!  For sun and love and joy!

Amigo!  Amigo!  For sun and love and joy!

Amigo!  Amigo!  It’s fun for a girl and a boy!

Screenshot (42)

Or so I’m told.  By this crowd.

And now that I got the lyrics stuck in your head…why not listen to these guys sing it?!

Battery included.

Good lord, I hope so!

And there you have it…hahahahaha, this song is stuck in your head!

All part of the master plan of this week’s theme, folks!

Have a great Friday!


Screenshot (42)

These guys will!



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