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#ThrowbackThursday Likes The Sprite in You!

It also likes earworms for catchy jingles!

Welcome to Thursday folks!

We are almost there, in the home stretch and that much closer to the weekend.

So, if you haven’t noticed by the lead-in, this week’s theme is catchy earworm-type jingles.  Because there is nothing quite like getting a commercial jingle stuck in your head for hours (or more) at a time.

Screenshot (40)

Today, we are going back to 1992, and to a Sprite commercial with a very catchy jingle…and one precarious situation involving pizza and a living room ceiling.  Oh, and forgotten tickets.

Also, no boys.  And don’t forget to scrape the cheese off the ceiling.

Moms.  Always noticing things.

And there you have it for your Thursday.

Throwback Thursday’s younger sibling, Flashback Friday, will be along tomorrow with its own blast from the past.

Have a great Thursday!




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