A Foggy Day in Cranium Town (Daily Post Writing Prompt)

Today’s Daily Post one-word writing prompt: Fog.

I hate that first moment of the day, when you wake up and feel like you’re in a fog, unable to get the thoughts to run across your mind like cars on a bridge shrouded in the thick pea soup of fog.  I love the relief of it finally lifting after taking a shower and pulling myself together. It’s a feeling of the way things are meant to be.

But I really hate when that feeling goes on during the day.  The feeling of disconnect and unfocused thought is hard when you’re trying to sit in a meeting and take notes, go about your daily tasks, or just go through the motions of daily life (not all of them being job-related) is difficult.  I felt like this yesterday, the combination of three hours of sleep, thanks to the coupling of an asthma attack at 2 am, and my computer deciding it didn’t want to do certain things anymore, forcing me to pull all of my stuff off of it and resetting it back to the beginning of its life (trust me, this was a blessing in disguise, because my almost one-year-old laptop works like it’s brand new again).

Today, I feel the opposite, as the fog in Cranium Town has finally lifted.

Onward with the day!


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