#ThrowbackThursday Wants to Take You on a Sea Cruise

Won’t you let Allison’s Written Words do just that?

We made it to Thursday!

I know it’s April, but if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking ahead to summer the places you’d like to go on vacation.  You’re researching the hell out of everything, saving your pennies, and booking transportation.  I’m actually going away three times this year, with the potential for a few day trips thrown in. I love to travel – I don’t go anywhere exotic by any means, but if it means getting away for a little while (even for a very long day), then I’m all for it.

One thing I’ve never done is go on a cruise.  I was supposed to at one time, many years ago, but it didn’t happen.  I remember being upset about it at the time, but when you watch enough reports about cruises having to return to port because of storms, problems with the ship, captains crashing the ship aground and fleeing the scene, the norovirus, the norovirus…did I mention the norovirus? Did I mention storms?  Did I mention captains fleeing disasters?  Did I mention the norovirus?

Yep, shutup and take my money, I want all of it!

No really, cruising is a popular vacation choice, and if The Love Boat taught us anything, it’s fun.  In fact, that show is what re-invigorated the cruise industry, because you know you’re in good hands when Captain Stubbing is steering the tub.

For today’s Throwback Thursday (and tomorrow’s Flashback Friday), we’ll be travelling not only into the archives, but to points of interest.  We’ll see something exotic, taste, something exotic, and hug a giant vermin who wears pants.  Yes, hug.  Not kill.  This is one mouse you don’t want to kill.

Today’s installment from the archives comes to us from 1988, 1991, and 1992.  Yes, three different years, three different commercials, all about the same thing.  In the first of this three-part harmony, we have a 1991 commercial  for Carnival, and two commercials from its rival, Royal Caribbean, from 1988 and 1992.

So feel free to press play below, and experience the wonder of the seas, cruise ship style!

And there you have it for your ease into the almost-weekend.  We’ll be back tomorrow when we visit a certain resort destination, represented by a certain mouse, when we revisit the archives of Allison’s Written Words.

Have a great day, and if you go cruisin’, tell ’em Isaac’s cousin sent you.

Screenshot (166).png

I hope someone gets that reference.


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