The Daily Post Writing Prompt – Nightmare Job

In response to this writing prompt:

Tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

Cleaning for a living.

It’s a dirty job, and someone’s gotta do it (do you see what I did there?!), but I could never imagine having to clean up after people.  I don’t mind cleaning my own house/workspace but I couldn’t fathom the idea of cleaning and getting paid to do it.  I get grossed out easily over smells (I have an overly sensitive sense of smell).  And let’s face it, people (especially women – I can say this because I am one) are disgusting creatures.

I will come out and say that I admire anyone who does clean for a living – it’s not easy work, and it’s terrible to have to clean up after people who just don’t care and are happy to leave messes because “someone else will take care of it.”

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