Daily Post Writing Prompt – Ready, Set, Done

In response to this writing prompt:

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

It’s 8:38 am.  I am finalizing a video that I will post on You Tube, I have Facebook messenger open, and I’m checking my blog stats.  This is the norm for how I start my day.  I come into work at 8:15 every morning, start my routine morning setup, and then sit down and begin writing.

I like to keep a pace that’s nothing short of multitasking – it’s the rhythm of having several things happening on my computer at the same time that helps me maintain a balance in my life.  The forty-five minutes prior to my workday starting are the most relaxing for me, and doing so much productive non-job related stuff gets me ready for the workday.

I keep the same pace even during lunch – if you stop by my desk between 1 and 2 pm, you’ll find me writing on my blog, preparing an article, or editing a video.  Lunch for me isn’t sitting and eating, it’s “work time” for me.  Much like my morning routine, maintaining this afternoon routine helps me prepare for the afternoon ahead.  My afternoons are usually sitting in meetings or working on filing, so it’s nice to have some “me” time that doesn’t involve my job duties.

My pace doesn’t really allow for outside distractions.  The earbuds go on (even when there’s nothing playing through them), and it’s the sign that I am busy.  Not everyone respects this, but many do.  And I appreciate when people do get it.  I don’t love the whole “Oh, are you at lunch?” query that many people love to throw at me.  Why yes, there may only be a protein shake container and a paper bowl that contained microwaved veggies (and possibly a snack wrapper nearby), but yes, I am at lunch.

And now it’s 8:48 am.  My ten minutes are up.  🙂


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