Allison’s Written Words Countdown to New Year’s Day: Kraft TV Recipes – Week 4

Originally, when I started posting these Kraft TV Recipes, it was in a countdown to Christmas rhythm.  Being that today is New Year’s Eve, the title warranted a change.

So…Happy New Year’s Eve!

If you’ve been following right along with Kraft TV Recipes since week one, welcome back!  If not, you have three weeks’ worth of material to catch up on.

So, Reader’s Digest version:  In week one, we looked at hostess gifts, week two celebrated the time-honored tradition of the tree trimming party, and week three spotlighted the greatest holiday supper you will ever make (but not be able to enjoy, because you’ll be too busy whipping up all this delightful culinary treasures).  We’ve seen many uses for processed cheese, Cheez Whiz as Foodstuff of the Gods (and use as a recommended ingredient), and the constant reminder that no matter what, the food wizards at Kraft will always make your attempts at their recipes look feeble by comparison.

So, with week four, we wind down 2015 (well, they’re winding down 1986, but for the sake of this article…) with the suggested meals of a perfect New Year’s Party.

Screenshot (673)

Oh, and there’s cheese involved.

What makes this Cheesy Apple Tart blush?

You do!  And you get to use ACTUAL Mild Cheddar cheese this time!  None of that processed stuff you used for your holiday supper!

Cappuccino Cheesecake, made with sour cream, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and instant coffee.

Chocolate Orange Mousse is “oh so” good with chocolate chips, Kraft Miniature Marshmallows, and orange to garnish.

Quite frankly, I would seriously love to try this recipe.

Oh, and be sure to drug your guests with Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea during dessert!

Screenshot (685).png

Actually, they only refer to it as “Herbal Tea.”  Just hide the box.  No one will EVER know…

Screenshot (686)

Celebrate the season with Kraft!

And watch this video for the dramatic representation of all of this.

Happy New Year!  May your party be a third of what Kraft’s New Year’s party will be!


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