Countdown to Christmas 2015: Kraft TV Recipes – Week 2

Welcome to part two of my countdown to Christmas, where we look at the sponsor commercials from the December 6, 1986 airing of The Christmas Toy, made possible by Kraft.

In week one, we looked at the mad culinary skill of creating delicious hostess gifts.  In part two, we’ll look at everything you can make when you host your tree trimming party.

Because Kraft recommends you do so, and that you must serve their products in the culinary delights only they could make possible.

Merely serving suggestions, folks.

Screenshot (633)

Let’s begin, shall we?

Screenshot (634)

How about some Gala Dip?  You make it with Velveeta Processed Cheese Spread (“there’s no single cheese like it!”), vegetables, served in a sourdough bread bowl.


Or some Zesty Chicken Wings is more your speed?  Use Kraft Barbecue Sauce, Kraft Orange Juice, red pepper, and apply to chicken wings.  Have some reserve sauce on the side for dipping.  (Confession time: these look amazing.)


Or  would some Tangy Topped Potato Rounds entice your pallet?  They’re made with Miracle Whip, Parmesan Cheese, and topped with chives and radish bits.  But don’t forget to shape the rounds into a Christmas tree.  Because your party requires spiffiness.  Don’t disappoint the guests now, that would be poor taste.

Screenshot (639)

And to end this segment, the tree trimming is complete…and beautiful!

Celebrate the season, indeed!  Kraft only adds to it!

Oh, and a bonus clip at the end of this segment – an offer for a free poster with the characters from tonight’s show, as advertised in tomorrow’s (tomorrow being December 7, 1986) newspaper, complete with product coupons.

Screenshot (640)

And now…witness the magic of tree trimming parties!



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