#NFLFlashback Week 11 – NFL Thanksgiving Day Coverage

Welcome to Week 11 of NFL Flashback, where the only thing flying by us faster than this season is Odell Beckham Jr. Making an 87 yard touchdown.

And no, I’m not over that loss.

So, week 11.

Where has the year gone?

If you’re joining us for the first time, you have some “required reading” to do, namely weeks one through ten.  So feel free to click the links below.

Week 1 – McDonald’s NFL Kickoff Payoff

Week 2 – “Hey, When Did You Get So Interested in Protection?”

Week 3 – Random VHS Tape Find

Week 4 – Test Drives and Free Videos

Week 5 – Men Who Get Dirt on Their Uniforms Use Aqua Velva!

Week 6 – Masters of the Gridiron

Week 7 – Frank Gifford Advertises!

Week 7 – Extras

Week 8 – The Superstar in Rent-A-Car!

Week 9 – Dan Marino Advertises!

Week 10 – The Return of Dick Butkus…Commercials

They don’t bite.

And now, if you are completely caught up (or plan to take a look at the rest later), let’s move on to week 11!

Screenshot (435)

I really can’t do any kind of descriptive article for this week’s NFL Flashback, but I will tell you this – it is Thanksgiving related and it’s about nine seconds long.  It’s an advertisement for the NFL on CBS’s Thanksgiving Day coverage from 1988.  Not only is it relevant, it’s TIMELY!

And there you have it, the eleventh week of the NFL Flashback!  Have a great game day (my team is in a bye week, which is fine after what I witnessed last week), and a great rest of the weekend!


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