#FlashbackFriday – Would You Let These Women Pull Your Waistband?

On this Flashback Friday, would you allow it?

Welcome to the ease into the end of the week we all need, where we kick up our feet and enjoy a classic commercial from the archives!

This week’s installment comes from 1986 (I’ve been avoiding this year, but this one was calling to me!), and discusses a very delicate subject: the timeless task of checking the strength of Hanes underwear waistbands, and how they compare to the competition.

A trainee inspector asks Inspector 12 what she is doing, and Inspector 12, a seasoned pro, discusses how Hanes waistbands are tighter than Fruit of the Loom, hence providing a better fit.  Screenshot (431)

And because our young inspector is a trainee, she has to give it a try.  Because why not?

Screenshot (432)

And the other ladies are clearly fascinated with the whole concept of pulling the waistbands of men’s underwear.

Screenshot (433)

Such fierce determination to get the perfect pull…and to prove that Fruit of the Loom’s waistband is weak, so very weak.

Which just proves the point…

Screenshot (434)

So of course, this leaves me to wonder something important…

Who inspects the women’s underwear?!

Witness the excitement of Inspector 12 and her comrades in underwear inspection for yourself…

And there you have it, the crazy antics of the Hanes Men’s Underwear Inspection Department for your Flashback Friday entertainment.

I never said my life was particularly exciting, but obviously these ladies know what excitement really is.

Enjoy your Friday, whatever excitement it brings!

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