#ThrowbackThursday – How Do You Remedy…?

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, celebrating the almost-end of the week by giving you a little tidbit of our advertising past.

It’s like a Christmas present you can unwrap weekly, all year ’round.

Yes, we are THAT close to Christmas.

Do you have an unorthodox way of healing yourself?  Have you ever tested an old wives tale-type remedy for a common complaint, and we’re met with success?  The editors of Prevention Magazine compiled a whole book of those tried-and-true methods, based on hours of interviewing top doctors.

That book, you ask?

Why, The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies!

Sure you remember this!  Before Googling your neck injury was a thing (don’t judge me, it wasn’t accurate anyway!), this book told you anything you needed to do to cure common ailments and treat injuries.

Brain tumor, my ass.

Guess what I never did after that?  Used Google for that purpose.

But oh, don’t take my word for it.  Let William – or Bill, as he referred to himself in the commercial, because he’s a laid-back kinda guy (and he wants you – yes, you! – to know this) Gottlieb, Editor in Chief of Prevention Magazine to tell you all about the power of healing thyself…at home!

Screenshot (423)

Oh, it’s all there, anything you could possibly need, as long as you were not trying to find a remedy for something convoluted and from the fifth dimension.

Screenshot (426)

Even foot odor is an enemy of The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies!

And if you order this RIGHT NOW (if right now were 1992), you can also get this book…

Screenshot (428)

Want to know more?  Watch the commercial!

And there you have it, the one-stop shop for all your medical paranoia needs, pre-Google.

Screenshot (430)

Something tells me this gentleman’s mullet can heal anything too.

Screenshot (429)

Just a thought.

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