#ThrowbackThursday: You’re Guaranteed the Perfect Fit!

Here at the “studios” of Allison’s Written Words, we’re relaxing, eating popcorn, using Facebook messenger, posting a teaser on the “official” Facebook page for tomorrow’s article, and well, unwinding after a long day.  We’re also wearing earbuds.


Alison’s Writing Rule #1: Earbuds worn at all times.  There may not be audio coming through them, but earbuds. 

And we’re fantastic at multitasking.

If it seems as though I have far more commercials from 1986 than anyone has a right to have in their life, it’s just because a former boyfriend let me borrow several of his recorded tapes…which were all from 1986.  And while many of the commercials I have in my “archives” run the gamut of decades (mainly 1940s right into the 1990s…and beyond, but they’re not that exciting), I always like harkening back to my eighties baby roots with the ones from the 1980s.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday post, we’re visiting the fast-paced world of fashion and photo shoots, and women who love their jobs.

Oh, and dark stretch jeans.

A crew heads off into the wilds of some woodland area somewhere, as the sun begins to set, all in the name of the perfect shot.  The photographer in the front of the jeep laments to the driver that they need to hurry, as they are losing light.

Screenshot (195)

Maybe she should’ve driven. 

The crew arrives at the “perfect spot,” and an assistant (an unpaid intern gopher, perhaps?) proclaims that “she loves her job,” with all the enthusiasm of a trip to the dentist.

Screenshot (192)

Yep, she “loves” her job.

And she loves her job so much, she lets out some type of animal mating call/scream when the bigwig supervising the photo shoot wants the jeans on the model changed.

Screenshot (196)

Ok, so she screamed “What?!” but it came out sounding like something primitive.  She screams again in frustration as she goes to grab the dark stretch jeans, while the photographer laments that they are losing light.  Yes, we know you’re losing light, you told us in the first two seconds of the commercial!

Screenshot (197)

So Harried Animal Mating Call/Screaming Assistant/Intern/Gopher grabs the necessary jeans, the model changes, and we get to the ad’s purpose…to sell P.S. Gitano.

For the uniformed, “P.S.” means “Personal Size,” and informs us that no matter what – short, regular, or long – you’ll always find the perfect fit.  We get some eighties-style posing courtesy of our gopher, the photographer, and cowgirl hat model…but I’m sure the lighting was all wrong (being that they were losing light and all), and everything had to be redone.

I hope our harried assistant (and her not human scream) was paid well for being inconvenienced.

Because she loves her job and all.

Screenshot (194)

But don’t take my cleverly-crafted words for it…watch the video!


So here’s to loving your job, today and everyday!

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