10 Ways to Say “No” – Allison’s Written Words Presents: Unboxing (And Playing With) The “No” Button

Unusual “toys” are fun.  In this article/video hybrid, we’ll take a look at my newest random acquisition, a novelty “buzzer” button that says “No!” in ten different ways!

I love the idea of a new “unusual”/novelty item, especially when it is inexpensive and/or given to me by someone who appreciates my sense of humor and style.  I buy different items with the intent to check them out, and eventually (as my time permits) blog about them.  Whenever I am handed something different, I’ve been told “you’ll probably write about this.”

People know me too well.

This is my latest and greatest acquisition.

No Button

This is the “No” Button, a plastic “game show buzzer”-style novelty created for the express purpose of all those times where saying “no” is just not possible.  In fact, it provides ten ways for you to not have to say it.

Because you’re nice.

So you say.

I created a somewhat long-winded video about this item, its unboxing, and what happens when one is easy to impress.

Because the giggles.

And there you have it, all the ways you can say “no”…without ever actually having to say “no.”  As far as where you can get a little piece of “no,” there are different styles of it all over the internet (including Amazon), and for various prices.  If you are one to collect novelties, know someone who does, or just can’t say “no,” then buy the button that says it for you!

Because sometimes it’s just so hard to say what’s really on your mind.

The No Button – Official Website

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