#FlashbackFriday Is Ready For Action!

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday…lackluster video game consoles and the weird commercials that advertise them!


Pictured: An incredibly dramatic simulation of me hitting the “Publish” button.

Not really, but it is a hell of a way to get your words out there, isn’t it?

Also getting out there: brain matter and blood.

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My First Guest Post Gig! :-)

Screenshot (58)

And soooo…it happened!

My very first post for The Retroist blog is now live (as of this morning).  I won’t say it’s for everyone, but if you like nostalgia (and this one really scrapes the bottom of the barrel), then this will interest you to no end.

And no, it’s not about the movie (or the short-lived television show) Blue Thunder.

Just read the article. You’ll get it.

Sooo very excited!