Contrary To Its Name, #FlashbackFriday Is A Serious Fashion Statement!

…and so is the product in today’s commercial.

Well, it was in 1986.

I guess?

So, as the commercial states, today’s product is a serious fashion statement.

But what it doesn’t tell you is that it is only part fashion statement, part timepiece, part entertaining toy.

The kiddos of 1986 had their Watchimals, and the fashion-forward teenagers and adults had…Slinky Watches from Armitron!

Oh yes, I said Slinky Watches! These 80s chicks got a Slinky on their wrists, you should see the way it fits! It makes them feel so Slinky!

Makes them want to dance…and backflip!

80s dance costumes and routines, backflips, and keeping accurate time annihilate your senses in today’s commercial!

Oh my goodness, it went from “look at my stylish watch!” to MTV music video in the blink of an eye, or the movement of a second hand.

I still don’t get how this makes any sense, but run with me, friends. This stuff never makes sense!

Slinky Watches were part of a rising trend that began when Swatch (in 1983) introduced an inexpensive fashion watch that rivaled that of Japanese imports. Watches quickly became a fashion accessory, that only continued to thrive in 1986.

The Slinky watch seemed to be something of the time, but I don’t remember them, and certainly have never seen one in the wild. These days, your best chance of finding a Slinky Watch in said wilds would be the secondhand market, with both eBay and Etsy having listings. And even then, this was one of the listings.

Images: eBay

I mean, if you can’t have the watches the dancing girls have, you can have one that plays the Slinky jingle!

Go Slinky Go!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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