There’s Nothing Like #ThrowbackThursday For Your Holidays

Especially on Christmas Eve!

Happy Day Before Christmas, friends!

Ah, the Christmas list, and the visit to Santa to tell him what was on that list. There was nothing quite like those childhood visits to Santa, toddlers that cried on his lap (I know all about that!), and of course, the photo op.


We don’t have children. This is how you improvise!

But for those with children, it is well advised to check what the kids bring to Santa. Because if they try to bring something other than a list, they would be the subject of this visit to Santa, which involves feeding Santa holiday-colored chocolate candy in order to have a very long list fulfilled.

The year is 1986, and the holiday-colored chocolate candy is M&M’s seasonal offering, Holidays!

Man, that’s a long list!

She’s going to need a lot more “Holidays” to get that list fulfilled.

Image: Deep-Fried Hoodsie Cups

M&M’s introduced Holidays Chocolate Candies in 1986 for both Easter and Christmas. The candies came in Plain and Peanut varieties, but with seasonally-appropriate colors (pastel colors for Easter, red and green for Christmas) with a bunny, chick, and egg symbols for Easter, and pine tree, bell, and candle symbols for Christmas. The Christmas version of “Holidays” also had a mint flavor.

The special limited edition M&Ms were manufactured seasonally until 1993, when the holiday symbols were replaced with the standard trademark “M” found on all M&M candies.

These days, “Holidays” are simply called “Christmas/Winter M&Ms,” and are on shelves from November until January. There is also still a mint-flavored M&M for the holidays, as well as a white chocolate peppermint flavor.

Image: Amazon

But there will always be a magical time in 1986, where a young girl grabbed the bag of chocolate candies her mom bought for the family, and fed them to Santa in an attempt to get everything on her Christmas list.

Santa is fine with this.

Well, we’re coming in close to Christmas, with one more day to go. But before then, I have another Christmas Eve surprise coming up later today.

Have a great Throwback Thursday, and an even better Christmas Eve!

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