Give a #FlashbackFriday Holiday…

…and see everything you can make with a food processor!

Didn’t see that plot twist coming, did ya?

With Thanksgiving fast upon us – six days and counting! – preparing the all-important dinner menu, not to mention your Christmas menu (almost one month away!) can be as easy as plugging in today’s product, which can do so many amazing things to result in so much amazing food!

Be it hors d’oeuvres, stuffing, vegetables, breads, or desserts, this device can slice, knead, mix, chop, and make, as you’ll see in today’s commercial!

This year, give your favorite cook a Cuisinart holiday for years to come!

Because you want them to be happy, right?

The Cuisinart Super Pro Food Processor first hit the market in 1973, after being introduced at a food show in Chicago. Cuisinart, which was established in 1971, introduced the electric food processor to the US market, and their name has become synonymous with food processors.

These days, Cuisinart is still around, and they make so much more than just food processors – counting air fryers, bread machines, handheld blenders, blenders, cookware, cutting boards, convection ovens, and even ice cream makers among its numerous products.

If I squint enough, I believe this Cuisinart Super Pro model is the DLC-7, and while it is long discontinued, it has life on the secondhand market, with successors continuing to do what this model has done for many a chef.

The best kind of products are the ones that manage to stick around through innovation, am I right?

So go on…

Because when a commercial tells you something makes a great gift, they’re not lying, right?

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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