Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast Episode 15 – Halloween Special II

Over on Pop Culture Retrorama…

A group of people come together, united by a single purpose…to sound incredible in a podcast.

Actually, we came together to share some Halloween fun…while sounding incredible in a podcast.

Congratulations on yet another great show to my colleagues in this incredible writers’ circle – Vic, Ashley, Earl, and Rockford! I am so honored to have my voice in solidarity with all of you!

Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast Episode 15 – Halloween Special II

Some of my Podcast segment was slightly edited, and there are some soundbytes that were removed. None of it detracts from the experience – in fact, I love the use of the “tune-in” sound effect that accompanies each soundbyte that was used.

My segment discusses the 1989 Quantum Leap episode “A Portrait for Troian,” and how despite it not taking place on or around Halloween, it still has a nice “Halloween Haunt” flair to it.

If you would like to hear the whole podcast segment, including the clips I used, I save everything!

I made two versions – the one I submitted for use, and this one, which I made just for my liking. It includes the Quantum Leap intro theme during the beginning of the segment. I like it, as it has a “radio show” feel, but it definitely was too long for the podcast.

Oh, and if you like outtakes, me trying to say “chronology” (and even “chronological”) is super painful. It was my Achille’s heel of the recording session, and I decided the whole thing was better off without the use of that word…or the paragraph it was contained within.

You can hear the moment it begins going off the rails – I just absolutely hated the way this sounded out loud. On paper, it must have looked passable in a hurry.

At least the whole thing turned out ok in the end, because it certainly didn’t seem promising during the recording.

Have a great day!

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