Retro Listen: Rainbow Brite Read Along: “Happy Birthday, Buddy Blue”

I know I said this earlier today, but Happy Birthday to all my fellow October 19th babies!

As we’re blowing out our candles (which is daring in this time of COVID-19), unwrapping presents, and celebrating our trip around the sun, we’re probably all nostalgic to birthdays past, which were probably a million times more celebration worthy than these times are right now. And if you were a girl in the 1980s, it probably involved Rainbow Brite, to some extent.

As a twin, birthdays were gender neutral for us, as I have a twin brother, and boys would never wear birthday hats with She-Ra, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, or Jem on them. However, boys and girls will wear hats with “My Pet Monster” on them, which we did on our fifth birthday (I’ve seen the pictures).

1986 (Age 4)

Whenever I see nostalgic photos of girly 1980s birthday decor, it makes my nostalgic heart happy, but also wishing I got to have a birthday that involved my favorite licensed characters.

In 2014, I went through the nostalgic Hell of watching It’s Your Birthday Party, with Rainbow Brite, which could easily turn me off from wanting anything to do with Rainbow Brite and/or birthday celebrations involving Rainbow Brite. Or just birthdays altogether, but I don’t mind that part.

I did, however, find something involving birthdays and celebrating with Rainbow Brite, and I figured a short-but-sweet Retro Listen would be a good place to share that find.

Happy Birthday, Buddy Blue is a 1984 book-and-cassette tape from Golden Book’s Rainbow Brite series, and details the day-of activities of Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids, as they prepare for Buddy Blue’s birthday celebration.

Of course, no attempt at a celebration in Rainbow Land would be complete without Murky Dismal, and his Snuffalupagus-type companion, Lurky, who plot to use their new Doom potion on Rainbow Brite and her friends, but have a better plan instead…

Will Rainbow Brite be able to save the day, and Buddy Blue’s birthday surprise?

If you have eight minutes, then you have a story!

Upload via RainbowBriteCo

Did you really think there would ever be a story where Murky bests Rainbow Brite and her friends?

That never happens, and certainly not on a Color Kids’ birthday!

Whether October 19th is your birthday, or you’re reading this on a different day and hey, that’s your birthday, may it be the Best Birthday EVER!

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