L’Eggo My #FlashbackFriday!

Super original, and a total giveaway of today’s commercial, all in the title!

When you think of popular commercial catchphrases and continuous marketing campaigns, today’s commercial nestles itself right in with the classics. On the grocery shelf of television advertising, this product finds itself on the same shelf as Frosted Flakes, Spaghetti-Ohs, Nestle, basically any cereal, Toys R Us, and anything with a catchy slogan or jingle that survives over time.

People have been demanding this product back since 1972, and the ones claiming the product as their own have forever worked on creative ways to obtain it. Today’s commercial (from 1990) is proof that kids are ever-evolving in their creative measures to obtain the product.

What product, you ask?

The delightful round checkerboard known as the Eggo Waffle!

Observe the “perfect execution” of obtaining such a delicious product!

I can never figure out why parents are so rattled over their kids besting them in the conquest for syrupy, buttery amazingness.

Eggo Waffles were invented in San Jose, California, by Frank Dorsa. Dorsa’s concept allowed waffles to be cooked, then frozen and packaged for hungry consumers. No waffle iron was needed – the toaster was your chef!

Dorsa and his brothers Anthony and Sam introduced their waffles to supermarkets in the United States in 1953. Customers began calling the waffles “Eggos,” after the taste of egg in the waffles, prompting the Dorsa brothers to change the name of their waffles to Eggo. The Dorsa Brothers also made Eggo-brand syrup and even potato chips!

Eggo was purchased by Kellogg’s in 1968 as a means of diversification, and the ever-catchy, ongoing slogan “L’Eggo My Eggo!” was created by the advertising agency Leo Burnett in 1972.

Commercials for Eggo Waffles always featured kids figuring out a creative way to steal it from their parents or siblings. I will say though, of all the commercials I’ve seen over the years, this one is definitely winning in the creativity department. Kids in the current ads just steal them out of toasters right in front of their family members with their hands. This kid has a whole Home Alone-style system of Waffle Thievery that is further proof the early 1990s were awesome!

L’Eggo Your Eggo?

Pay closer attention to where you keep your toaster.

Perfect execution?

You bet!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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