It’s Good To Be #FlashbackFriday

..but not thick-headed.

Unless you’re today’s product.

Right off the bat, I forgot how ridiculously funny today’s commercial is.

I also can’t believe this one isn’t in my digitized archives, unless it is still hidden in some black hole of my video collection, and I have yet to unearth and copy it. Which would be surprising, considering that I’m convinced I’ve gone through the entirety of that part of my collection at this point.

Anyway, this is commercial for A&W Root Beer aired in my teens (I believe it is from 1998-1999, so that would find me at 16 years old), and it is a goody!

We have a man on a job interview, and he believes he is absolutely nailing it. He’s the perfect fit, he’s a go getter, he’s super confident. And in actuality, he probably was doing fine, but he didn’t quite nail one little detail. Rather, it was a pretty big detail to screw up, but that’s the charm of this whole commercial.

That detail, you ask?


Upload via Eric Lefton


Um…I mean, it looks like something else.

Am I right?!


Dude is a total go getter.

Better “go getter” his “Dumb Ass” out of that office, quick!

A&W – named Roy W. Allen and his employee, later turned partner, Frank Wright – started as a drink in 1919, and in 1922, Allen and Wright partnered to create a restaurant chain. The restaurants still exist today (I ate at one a few years ago in the mall food court at RiverTown Crossings Mall in Grand Rapids/Grandville, Michigan), and are owned by A Great American Brand, LLC, with 1200 locations. The soda brand is owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper, except for in Canada, where it is owned by Coca-Cola.

The drink is primarily available in the United States and Canada, and is an import drink at international A&W restaurant locations. As for the bottled brands, there is the traditional root beer flavor, a sugar free version that was introduced in 1974, and reformulated as Diet A&W in 1987, Cream Soda (and a diet version) in 1986, A&W and Sunkist Floats were introduced in 2008, and A&W TEN, a low-calorie version, was introduced in 2013.

“It’s Good To Be Thick-Headed” was introduced in 1998, featuring other thick-headed individuals who just don’t have a clue. But of all of the commercials in that marketing campaign, this was the one that stands out in my mind the best, if only for that one little detail.

What a dumbass!”

Constant cursing in a commercial!

What a dumbass!

Dude, I was a teenager! This was funny!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

Thank you to YouTube uploader Eric Lefton for having today’s commercial (he worked on it, after all!), which I’m sure is somewhere in my collection. But I’m certainly grateful it is in his!

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