#MusicMonday – March 9, 2020

It’s hard to rely on my good intentions, when my head’s full of things that I can’t mention.

I mean, I could mention that its Monday, but not how I really feel about it.

90s Month continues on Allison’s Written Words – five weeks, five songs from one of my favorite periods in music – Adult Contemporary and Top 40 of the mid 1990s (1995-1997).  This was a time that truly shaped the my appreciation for music.  Today’s song was one of many that I loved singing along with whenever it came on the radio (and it was on the radio alot!), and a nice follow up to a previous hit that expressed wanting to feel “this way, to be this close to feeling sad.”

And as you guessed, unlike last week’s song (the title of which was probably true of the artist’s career as a successful Top 40 singer), this group was far from a one-hit wonder.

“Good Intentions” is a single by the alternative group Toad the Wet Sprocket, released in October 1995 as part of their album In Light Syrup.  The single itself saw life during sessions for the band’s third album, fear, which featured the equally good single “All I Want,” which was the song about feeling “this way”).  Recorded in January 1991, the group shelved the song for release at a later time, concerned that it was “too catchy” and would be “an obvious hit single.”

And despite its catchiness and perky nature, the song seems to discuss inner conflict.  Damn mid 1990s Alternative Rock and their pseudo perkiness – it’s so deceptive!

So, if you noticed Courteney Cox in the music video, this song does have a Friends connection – it was on the show’s soundtrack, which I bought in eighth grade.

Screenshot (200)

You know, as many times as I’ve heard this song over the years, I didn’t see the music video until yesterday.  Pretty sure this was the lost Friends episode “The One Where Monica Makes A Music Video.”  As for the plot, she is not sleeping with the lead singer behind Rachel’s back.

1000 awesomeness points if you get the real-life reference.

“Good Intentions” reached #17 on Billboard’s Top 40 (#16 on Mainstream Top 40), #6 on Adult Alternative (#20 on Alternative Songs), and #19 on US Mainstream Rock.  There is no year end information for the Billboard charts (nor any Hot 100 information), but for 1995-1996, the song reached #72 on RPM’s Canada Top Singles.

Toad the Wet Sprocket has been together on and off since 1986, taking a break from 1998 until 2002, and again from 2003 until reuniting in 2006.  As of right now, they’re currently together, and as of January 2020, they’re recording again.

All they want is to feel “this way,” and show their good intentions to keep us 90s kids listening well into the 2020s.

I like quoting lyrics, what can I say?

90s Music Month continues next week, shifting from a not-so-one-hit-wonder to a one hit wonder.  Like I said, I’m keeping it in the mid-1990s, and I wouldn’t be shocked if today’s song played right alongside next week’s song.

In fact, I’m pretty sure all of these songs found their way into the same hour-long block of any major Top 40 station.  I just feel that common thread.

Have a great Monday, and enjoy the 90s music!


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