My College Presentation!

No more stalling, I’ve been telling myself to put this video up for awhile!

Last year, when I was I was copying videocassettes in my college, I came across my college presentation video from my junior year.  I put it on my external hard drive, and kept telling myself to post the video “when the time was right.”

The time is right.

This video was filmed in the spring of 2004 (in April, right before finals – it was our final project) for Theories of Communication (COMM3200).  The course was a capstone class and required of everyone working toward their Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, and is still in the course catalog for this year – same professor and code number.  The assignment was a presentation applying any of the theories learned in class, set to a chosen topic.


My group covered Sex and Violence in the Media.

In my section (I was a 21-year-old junior at the time), I covered different types of animated violence – slapstick, tame combat, and sinister combat.  Other topics included the impact of violence in the media, and sex in the media.  We had “in studio” coverage, an “in the field” reporter (her segment was filmed later due to being unable to meet before class), and a host.  I’ve actually known the host, Adam, since high school.

The opening clip before the cutaway was a show that aired on the college’s television station – the guy in the video is Matt, and I’ve known him since first grade.

I hope you enjoy this video, pulled from my personal collection.  It was informative when it needed to be, but it is quite humorous sixteen years later.

And yes, we got “A’s” on it, and our teacher kept a copy of the presentation to show as an example to future classes.

Thanks for watching!

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