Just What The #FlashbackFriday Ordered

Mr. MD (and Flashback Friday) recommended sweet carbonated bliss…and something else!

Picture it, 1988.

Your 1988 computer has a problem.


Think “Blue Screen of Death” but 1988 and green text.

Honestly, if this came up on my computer, I’d be looking for a place to hide.  It’s gonna blow!

Anyway, you have your “Catastrophic Error,” and you’re at work, clearly blowing off steam in your well-furnished 1988 office.  How do you handle your Very 1988 Computer Problems?

Well, of course with Sweet Carbonated Bliss…and something else!


What is this “something else,” you say?

Click play and find out!

Only in 1980s movies were offices this…amazing.


And only in the 1980s could you solve your Very 1988 Computer Problems with your mad choreographed skills.


If you do this in 2020, you’re insane.  But in 1988, it is fine!

This isn’t my first rodeo with Dr. Pepper products, either through consumption or watching commercials.

As I said in my previous Throwback Thursday article about Dr. Pepper:

I used to love Dr. Pepper when I was a kid.  I could never exactly wrap my head around the formulation that gives it the most unusual taste it had (I used to think it tasted like cinnamon-flavored soda, but I was 12 at the time).  I haven’t been able to drink Dr. Pepper since I was 13 years old (when I had to give up caffeine due to an allergy to the additive).  Ironically, until ten years earlier, there was a caffeine free version of Dr. Pepper (called Pepper Free, produced from 1982 until 1985), made to fill the niche of the health-conscious consumer.  Strangely enough, there was also a Caffeine Free version released in 1983 that wasn’t called Pepper Free.  Not sure how this worked.

I haven’t actually ever seen the caffeine free version anywhere (not that I’ve paid a ton of attention, since I don’t drink much soda), and you know restaurants don’t carry this version.  As for Diet anything, that’s a hard pass for me, I don’t enjoy diet soda…or anything marked “diet.”  It is a taste preference, and again, I don’t drink soda very often (perhaps a couple times a month at the most, and that is rare).

Good Lovin’ wasn’t the only thing a Dr. Pepper drinker sought out in the late 1980s.  A year earlier, a different Dr. Pepper drinker sought out Sweet Carbonated Bliss for a totally different problem.

Upload via Dino Drac

Can’t you see he’s burnin’ burnin’?

I remember this commercial pretty well, and it really makes me laugh. I mean, guy has got MOVES!  He’s got cartwheels, he’s got pirouettes, he runs across couches, he can Russian leap (or Straddle Leap – in dance, it is called both) better than most, and he’s totally hopped up on sugar and caffeine.  This guy not only has mad dance skills, he’s got lip sync skills to go with it.


Hey, when you got Sweet Carbonated Bliss, Dance Moves, and Good Lovin’, you’ve got everything you need, including the power to get past those Very 1988 Computer Problems.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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